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Job Offer – Director of Land Use Planning and Environment - MRC Pontiac
Article published on 12 August 2020
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Job Offer – Director of Land Use Planning and Environment
Director of Land Use Planning and Environment

Seeking new challenges? Are you looking for a dynamic team capable of achieving great things in these uncertain times? Join the team of the Regional County Municipality (RCM) of Pontiac and you will have the chance to participate in exciting and diversified projects.

The Regional County Municipality (RCM) of Pontiac is in the southwestern part of the province of Quebec on the banks of the majestic Ottawa River, which forms a natural border with Ontario. It is known for its rich natural resources, built heritage and cultural diversity. The Pontiac has a population of close to 14,000, of which approximately 57% are English-speaking, spread over 18 municipalities and an unorganized territory of 9,000 km2.


The sector of land-use planning and management is large. It includes the various fields aimed at the planning and development of forest, wildlife, agricultural, rural, semi-urban and urban areas.

Under the authority of the Director General and Secretary-Treasurer, the Director of the “Land Use Planning and Environment” department is responsible for the complete management of the activities of their sector by ensuring the realization of all the activities and the development of the members of their team. As a resource person, both with the municipalities and with the members of their team, they work closely with the directors of other departments on files that require it. They collaborate closely with the general management regarding the orientations to be taken in terms of management and development of the territory. They see to the administrative and financial management according to the programs and policies in effect and collaborate with management to ensure optimal management of the information, material, administrative and operational resources of their team and of the organization as a whole. They actively participate in the development and maintenance of a healthy work climate, in a spirit of cooperation and mutual aid among the department’s employees and with all personnel.

Your work and that of your team has a direct impact on the internal workings of the organization and the delivery of services to our municipalities.


Land use planning component:

Elaborate, revise and implement the land use and development plan, including urban planning by-laws, ministerial requests and interim control requests (when applicable);
Study the content of amendments to municipal planning by-laws;
Regulate notices, by-laws and reports concerning the various urban planning and development files;
To submit recommendations inherent to the application of the Act respecting land use planning and development and other laws relating to land use planning;
Coordinate and ensure the follow-up of the territorial management agreement for intra-municipal public lands, in matters of land, forest and financial management;
Coordinate and ensure the follow-up of the agreements for the delegation of land management, summary shelters and management of sand and gravel exploitation on state-owned land;
Coordinate and take charge of the implementation of actions related to land management ;
To design or collaborate in calls for tenders in accordance with the legislation in force;
Participate in the project to recast municipal by-laws in the revised land use and development plan;
Prepare and lead the land use planning and environment committee;
Participate in meetings of regional and interregional tables, represent the department and the MRC with municipalities, businesses, various organizations and partners by actively participating in activities that allow us to achieve our development objectives and by maintaining close and long-term ties;
Contribute to the management and development of intermunicipal public lands under management, the unorganized territory of Lake Nilgaut and the waterways of the MRC territory;


Planning and structuring forest management on intra-municipal public lands [TPI] and ensuring its development and monitoring ;
Plan, organize forestry work and see to the implementation of the work in order to ensure its realization;
To issue and monitor forest rights;
Ensure the management of the forest management and development programme [PADF];
Carry out audits of field work;

Watercourse and Environment Component :

See to the application of the regulations relating to the management of watercourses;
Coordinate and supervise the intervention work;
To target problems related to the management of watercourses, environment and development and to ensure their follow-up;

Human Resource component:

Plan, coach and supervise the work of a team of professionals and administrative staff;
Assist and train employees on various aspects related to your business sector;
Contribute to the development of your personnel while establishing individual objectives for each one in relation to the orientations and objectives to be achieved for your department;
Evaluate the performance of your team and its employees by analyzing the results, targeting gaps and making the necessary corrections;


Promote the implementation of environmental and planning projects with local and regional partners;
Establish, consolidate and maintain partnerships with organizations, associations, ministries and businesses in all sectors of activity related to your service in order to foster a constructive and promising dynamic for our MRC ;
To act as a resource person for the council in matters concerning development and the environment;
Ensure the support of the responsible director and/or the inspectors for the application of the urbanism by-laws of the municipalities of the territory;
Collaborate in the elaboration of budgets for your department, and ensure a rigorous follow-up in order to make the necessary corrections if needed;
Collaborate in the implementation of your department’s action plans in order to achieve the objectives of our MRC in terms of land use planning, forestry development, etc.;
Be proactive in order to be aware of all the programs and grants that are or could be available at any time.


Structured and motivating leadership;
Rigour, autonomy and initiative;
Ability to analyze and synthesize;
Sense of organization and priorities;
Oriented towards results and maintaining the quality of services;
Ability to work in a team;
Demonstrate an ability to communicate effectively with tact and diplomacy;
Ability to manage different files simultaneously;
Demonstrate political acumen.


Undergraduate university degree in forestry, planning, urbanism, geography or other appropriate fields;
Membership in the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec would be considered an asset;
Five [5] years of relevant experience, including [2] in management;
Basic knowledge of the Quebec forest regime [public and private forest];
Knowledge or experience in hardwood forests would be an asset;
Fluency in English and French, both written and spoken;
Knowledge of municipal affairs and geomatics [would be an asset];
Knowledge of geomatics and mapping software [would be an asset];
Excellent knowledge of the Office Suite [Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.] and ability to adapt to new technologies.


The incumbent of this position stands out for their decision-making and teamwork skills. They demonstrate judgment and stands out for their ability to analyze and synthesize complex issues. They are able to work in a team environment and develop and maintain harmonious interpersonal relations, despite the demands inherent in the nature of the work. They develop and maintain effective relationships with various internal and external stakeholders. They are able to manage several files at once and work effectively under pressure. With an eye for detail, they know how to be rigorous in the performance of their tasks.


This position is permanent and full-time, 35 hours a week. The salary will be established according to the salary scale in effect at the MRC Pontiac.

Interested candidates must send their application no later than Friday, September 11 at 4:00 p.m., to the attention of Mr. Bernard Roy, at the following coordinates:

By fax: (819) 648-5810
By email: rh
By mail:
Director of Land Use Planning and Environment
602 Route 301 North
Campbell’s Bay, Quebec J0X 1K0

Thanking all applicants, only successful candidates will be invited for an interview.

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