New regulation allowing ATVs on municipal Roads in Fort-Coulonge
Article published on 15 July 2020
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The municipality of Fort-Coulonge will now be allowing all terrain vehicles to circulated on the municipal roads.

Starting today July 15 2020, the municipality will be allowing All-terrain motorized vehicles with handlebars and at least three (3) wheels possessing a net mass that does not exceed 600kg. side-by-sides or quads with more than one seat, a steering wheel, pedals and a protective frame will also be permitted, under the condition that it does not exceed net mass of 450 kg in the case of vehicles seating 1, and 750 kg in the case of vehicles seating 2-4 people.

During the winter, snowmobiles with a net mass that does not exceed 450 kg and a width, including equipment, of 1.28 m will also be permitted on municipal roads.

In an interview with the Mayor of Fort-Coulonge, Gaston Allard, he talked about why this new bylaw was created.

However, authorized off-road vehicles are strictly forbidden from circulate inside the boundaries of Centennial Park and on the premises of the École des Petits-Ponts pavillons St-Pierre and Poupore.

Motorcycles - two-wheeled motorized vehicles - are prohibited from driving on municipal roads.

It is also prohibited to travel an authorized off-road vehicles with a defective, modified or absent muffler due to the noise emitted by the vehicles and harm it causes to the tranquility of the neighborhood.

According to the municipality, those who do not respect these rules will be subjected to fines as stated in Article 6 of the Loi sur les véhicules hors route du Québec.

It may be important to note that the Vehicles as mentioned previously will be permitted to travel on the following municipal roads:

Fort-Coulonge municipal roads permitting ATVs:
Rue Albert Rue Aubrey Rue Baume (partie municipale) Rue Beaulieu
Rue Bertrand Rue Booth Chemin Bord de Ch Bord de l’Eau
Rue Boucher Rue Bryson Rue Centre Récréatif
Rue Charles Rue Colton Rue Coulonge
Rue de la Reine Rue Dempsey Rue Desrochers
Rue Duke Rue Francœur Rue Frost
Rue Gervais Rue Jewell Rue Jolicœur
Rue Kenney Rue Lansdowne Rue Laporte
Rue Laroche Rue Miron Rue Nadeau
Rue Neville Chemin Nicolas D’ailleboust
Rue Parc Roulotte Chemin Pont Rouge
Rue Principale Rue Proudfoot Rue Rivet
Rue Romain Rue Rose Rue Roy
Rue Russell Rue Sauriol Rue Soucie
Rue Victoria Chemin du Vieux-Fort

More details are available here.

For more details listen to the full interview with Gaston Allard here.

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