Opération Enfant-Soleil donates $ 15,000 to the Pontiac Hospital for local children
Article published on 14 February 2020
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A donation of $ 15,000 was made to the Pontiac Hospital Thursday, by the organization Opération Enfant-Soleil, to allow the purchase of equipment to better monitor the health of hospitalized children in the region.

Present for the announcement in Gatineau, the spokesperson for the organization and Québec native actor Louis-Georges Girard explained the importance of making these types of donations in different regions and establishments.

In total, a sum $ 65,974 was donated to the Centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux (CISSS) de l’Outaouais to be shared between Shawville Hospital, Gatineau Hospital and the Freeman Rehabilitation Center for Children: Centre de réadaptation pour les jeunes en difficulté d’adaptation Freeman. The $ 15,000 given to the Pontiac will be used to acquire a saturometer (to measure oxygen levels in the blood), a sphygmomanometer (to measure blood pressure), an otoscope (to examine the inside of the ear) and a vital signs monitor.

To date, more than $1 million has been donated in the Outaouais region to provide “the best care, and a better quality of life for children in hospitals thanks to the development of spaces favourable to their healing.’’ In the Pontiac, Opération Enfant-Soleil has contributed $ 77,952 to the Hospital since 2013.

Remember that Operation Enfant-Soleil raises funds to support the development of quality pediatric services in Quebec. According to the organization, more than a hundred projects are created each year in hospitals and regional organizations as well as in major pediatric centers. To date, more than $ 255 million has been donated across the province.

Details of the grants paid to the CISSS de l’Outaouais:

- Gatineau Hospital ($ 48,950): will contribute to the acquisition of a transport respirator to be used during transfers to specialized centers, which will make transfers safer and more comfortable for children.
Since 1992, Opération Enfant-Soleil has contributed $ 906,014 to this hospital.

- Pontiac Hospital ($ 15,000): for the purchase of equipment such as a saturometer (to measure oxygen saturation in the blood), a sphygmomanometer (to measure blood pressure), an otoscope (to examine the ’inside the ear’) and a vital signs monitor.
Since 2013, Opération Enfant Soleil has donated $ 77,952 to this hospital.

- Centre de réadaptation pour les jeunes en difficulté d’adaptation Freeman ($ 2,024): this first grant comes from the Josée Lavigueur Fund Opération Enfant Soleil, which aims to promote physical and mental health in children through physical activity . It will be used to purchase a Kin-Ball and bibs, 24 bicycles and hockey helmets, and a set of 30 football and soccer balls. This equipment will promote team spirit and favor healthy lifestyles, while enabling young people to discover new sports and better channel their energy.

The full interview with the spokesperson of Opération Enfant-Soleil Louis-Georges Girard can be found here.

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