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ANIMAL AIDE PONTIAC presents Shania Twain Impersonator Annette Lafond Friday, September 20th - Doors open 7pm, Show starts 8pm Shawville RA Hall, 455 Hillcrest Avenue, Shawville $20 per ticket (...)
Article mis en ligne le 16 septembre 2019
Peu avant 1h00 am, samedi dernier (14 septembre), les policiers de la Sûreté du Québec, du poste de la MRC Pontiac circulaient sur la route 148, dans le secteur de Bryson lorsqu’ils ont dû freiner (...)
Article mis en ligne le 15 septembre 2019
Another legal mortgage has been filed against Eureka93 in the last hours coming from G.C.M Consultants, an engineering firm with offices in Montreal. The registered amount of the legal mortgage (...)
Article published on 13 September 2019
Hydro-Québec claims to have found in part a few explanations for the numerous power outages lasting more than 5 minutes in the municipality of L’Isle-aux-Allumettes since the beginning of the year. (...)
Article published on 13 September 2019
As part of the live interview on CHIP 101.9 with the MNA for Pontiac, André Fortin answered questions that came directly from listeners who either called in or wrote. Regardless, on in particular (...)
Article published on 13 September 2019