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A recent study was conducted in the municipalities of Pontiac and Bristol on how nature makes people lives better. This study is call Pathways to improve relationships between people and nature (...)
Article published on 25 July 2019
The people from Pontiac are invited to attend a classical music style quartet from Finland called the KallaKvartetti Quartet. The concert will be held at the St-Pierre Parish in Fort-Coulonge (...)
Article published on 25 July 2019
The Comptoir St-Pierre is inviting the Pontiac to their open house and BBQ on Tuesday, August 6th. People are invited to discover the new storage center and furniture. The coordinator of the (...)
Article published on 25 July 2019
The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) recently made an inquiry of the different species of birds in the Great Bristol March, a protected area in the municipality of Bristol. Among the thirty or (...)
Article published on 25 July 2019
Levée de fond 2019 Le Jardin Éducatif du Pontiac B.B.Q. et portes ouvertes Vous êtes cordialement invité au B.B.Q. / portes ouvertes du Jardin Éducatif du Pontiac Quand : le mardi 6 août 2019, de (...)
Article mis en ligne le 24 juillet 2019