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Pontiac MP William Amos summarized the most recent programs announced by his government to support the economy in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. He returned to the announcement of (...)
Article published on 22 July 2020
The MRC Pontiac is currently experiencing technical difficulties with their telephone system. Citizens are encouraged to contact their staff members by email until the issue is resolved. The MRC (...)
Article published on 22 July 2020
In a publication released yesterday (July 20), the federal deputy for Pontiac, William Amos welcomes the announcement by his government of Canada which in his opinion will have positive impacts (...)
Article published on 22 July 2020
Vandalism was found along the Cycloparc PPJ in the Shawville sector. The vandals left messages such as “COVID 19 = LIES” on a picnic table, on a sign and on the bike path itself. Kim Lessage of the (...)
Article published on 22 July 2020
The Quebec government has announced an investment of $ 14.3 million to support the forestry industry, that was hit hard since the closure of the Fortress plant in Thurso. In an interview with (...)
Article published on 21 July 2020