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Even if the last few days have brought rain in the Pontiac, many farmers are worried that some people are thinking of selling their animals. This was explained by Denis Dubeau, a farmer from (...)
Article published on 20 July 2020
The Government of Quebec invites citizens to express their opinion on the use of a mobile application for notification of exposure to COVID-19. The Minister Delegate for Government Digital (...)
Article published on 13 July 2020
MRC Pontiac warden Jane Toller said she was satisfied with the response of the Premier of Quebec, François Legault, to the question asked by Élizabeth Séguin of CHIP 101.9 about the project to (...)
Article published on 9 July 2020
The Canadian Armed Forces have apologized to the public and to municipalities for the military drill that ended last Tuesday at the Davidson sawmill in Mansfield. They acknowledged that there (...)
Article published on 9 July 2020
The municipality of Otter Lake is asking its citizens to limit their water consumption, due to the current heat conditions in the region. Those who wish to water their lawns are asked to do so (...)
Article published on 9 July 2020