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The Union des producteurs agricoles (UPA) this week launched the “Mangeons local plus que jamais” application, a new initiative that aims to promote local purchasing in Quebec. In an interview (...)
Article published on 12 August 2020
During the month of July, a total of four forest fires were started on the territory of the MRC Pontiac, all caused by lightning. This phenomenon occurs regularly during the summer, as explained (...)
Article published on 12 August 2020
An altercation occurred between two people in the area of ​​Ste-Cécile-de-Masham in La Pêche, on August 8, concerning the compulsory wearing of a mask, requiring police intervention. The MRC des (...)
Article published on 12 August 2020
La municipalité d’Otter Lake a publié cette semaine un sondage sur sa page Facebook concernant un projet de construction d’une pharmacie sur son territoire. La mairesse d’Otter Lake, Kim (...)
Article mis en ligne le 11 août 2020
On August 10th the municipality of Otter Lake posted a survey on their Facebook page concerning a project to build a pharmacy in the municipality. The mayor of Otter Lake, Kim (...)
Article published on 11 August 2020