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An extreme heat wave started today in the Pontiac Region and will continue for the next four days. According to Environment Canada, temperatures will exceed 30 degrees during the day and will (...)
Article published on 7 July 2020
Cases of Lyme disease in Quebec are increasingly present with the number of ticks on the rise across the province including the Pontiac sector of the Outaouais region. Émily Manthrop, a physician (...)
Article published on 7 July 2020
Following the government’s announcement of allowing gatherings of up to 50 people, churches across the province were allowed to reopen for masses and funerals on June 22. In an interview with (...)
Article published on 2 July 2020
The Pontiac Journal launched the 8th annual Readers Choice Award in the June 3rd edition of the Journal. In an interview with the General Manager of the Journal, Lynne Lavery, this year, certain (...)
Article published on 2 July 2020
The Pontiac sibling athletes, Naomie and Xavier Lusignan, are finalists for the Gala Excellence Sportive Outaouais 2020, in the “Provincial Female Athlete of the Year” and “National Male Athlete of (...)
Article published on 19 June 2020