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Article published on 24 November 2020
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With mental health being big concern during this pandemic, CHIP 101.9 discussed the subject with Mélanie Fortin from the Centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux (CISSS) de l’Outaouais.

The current situation is bringing its share of challenges and Mélanie Fortin believes in staying attentive to yourself. “The main message is to be mindful of ourselves. When we start to have difficulties in our functioning. When we sleep less or sleep more, appetite, loss of energy, when we isolate ourselves, our alcohol consumption, when we start to be more desperate, these are all signs that we must remain attentive » Explains Mélanie Fortin. These are just a few reasons which are symptoms and signs of our mental health.

Before even consulting, Mélanie Fortin strongly advises to take note of our symptoms. “When we have our symptoms noted, we are prepared if we ever see our family doctor. Otherwise, we can forget or even minimize our own situation, ” says Mélanie Fortin.

Mélanie Fortin insisted that it is important to take care of your stress level. Meditation, yoga, mindfulness activities are some tools that can help our stress level. “I often say that we have to try several before finding the right one for us, but we also have to focus on what we can do and not what we cannot do. Access to nature, especially in the Pontiac, is something we can take advantage of ” insists Mélanie Fortin. Surrounding yourself with the right people, listening to music, reading, anything that can relax can have positive impacts. Several resources exist in the field of mental health in the Outaouais. “Don’t hesitate to ask for help,” repeats Mélanie Fortin.

Here are various tools and resources that Mélanie Fortin referred to during her interview.

Get better ... my way | Self-management support tool

Getting Better ... My Way is a self-management support tool that can help you regain balance and feel good again. Offered free of charge, this tool allows you to identify ways to get better and take care of your health.

Website :

L’Apogée: ou 819-771-6488

Langue Epaules Bedon:

People are also invited to dial 811 option 2 or, for cellphones with a number starting with 613; call the 1-866-567-4036 line.

The full interview with Mélanie Fortin is available here.

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